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Coffee table extendable to a 320 cm wide Dining table…avail in 4 stylish finishes & in a host of colours

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Note: The default price shown is for Model in Melamine finish. Ones in High Gloss, Wood Veneer & Mortar finish are slightly more expensive. The best sellers are ones in Mortar finish.

Ever wondered how you could sit a group of 14 diners around this coffee table ? Wonder not !! Our Italian principals have come up with a patented design that will blow your mind !! This little coffee table transforms into a massive 320 cm wide dining table in a jiffy !!  First use the hydraulic gas lift to set the table to the appropriate height (allows height adjustment from 41 cm to 76 cm) , pull the ends of the top outwards and place the concealed extension boards in the middle. If you want to extend further, undo the supporting folding legs from underneath, pull the ends further out and add the two additional extensions ( supplied and to be stored separately) and finally push each end inwards to lock the whole top in place…all done !! Let the entertainment begin !!!

It’s your call however much you wish to extend the table. Without any extensions, this table offers a width of 120 cm; with one extension in place, the width increases to 170 cm, with two in place to 220 cm, with three in place to 270 cm and finally with all four in place you get a full width of 320 cm  !!

The table comes with a stainless steel base with concealed castors on the underplate, stainless steel column with the top available in 4 smart finishes: High Gloss Lacquer finish, Mortar finish, Wood Veneer finish or Melamine finish. Within each of these finishes, there are a host of colours to choose from.

For all Melamine finishes, the colour codes start with “N” ( eg. N05, N10, all the way to N20)

For all Wood Veneer finishes, the colour codes start with “W” ( eg W01 to W08 & W20)

For all High Gloss Lacquer finishes, the colour codes start with “L” ( eg. L01, L04 all the way to L79)

For all Mortar finishes, the BEST SELLER by far,, the colour codes start with “E” (eg. E01, E02, E03 all the way to E18)

Step 1: Choose the finish you require, Melamine, Wood Veneer, High Gloss Lacquer or Mortar

Step 2: Pick the prefered colour code from the colour chart relating to the chosen finish (Colour chart shown in the inset images )

Sure as hell you will enjoy many a happy party moments with this unique piece of furniture !!


  •  avail. in 4 stylish finishes with plenty of colours to choose from
  • extends from 120 cm to 170 cm to 220 cm to 270 cm to a full 320 cm
  • concealed castors on the underplate
  • Stainless steel base
  • Delivery 4 to 6 weeks from order

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High Gloss Lacquer, Melamine Finish, Mortar Finish, Wood Veneer


E01 Mortar, E02 Mortar, E03 Mortar, E04 Mortar, E05 Mortar, E06 Mortar, E07 Mortar, E08 Mortar, E09 Mortar, E10 Mortar, E11 Mortar, E12 Mortar, E13 Mortar, E14 Mortar, E15 Mortar, E16 Mortar, E17 Mortar, E18 Mortar, L01 High Gloss, L04 High Gloss, L72 High Gloss, L73 High Gloss, L74 High Gloss, L75 High Gloss, L79 High Gloss, Metallic Anthracite, N05 Melamine, N10 Melamine, N11 Melamine, N15 Melamine, N16 Melamine, N17 Melamine, N18 Melamine, N19 Melamine, N20 Melamine, W01 Wood Veneer, W02 Wood Veneer, W03 Wood Veneer, W04 Wood Veneer, W05 Wood Veneer, W06 Wood Veneer, W07 Wood Veneer, W08 Wood Veneer, W20 Wood Veneer


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